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August 2022 — May 2023

In August 2022, I started working on my team's senior project called "Re-Connect" which lasted until May 2023. Even though this project started out as a Senior project, our team continues to develop and iterate on it. As the Lead Gameplay Programmer in a group with 3 other people, this project was instrumental in shaping my understanding of the game development process. It was a significant milestone in my career as it taught me the intricacies of creating a game from start to finish. I was responsible for developing a series of interconnected systems and gameplay features. These features included power-ups, an audio controller, nested lists, particle systems, and our unique system of interconnected Neural nodes, which added depth and complexity to the gameplay. The development of these systems required a strong command of Unity 2D and C#, which I utilized throughout the project. The knowledge and skills I gained from this project have been invaluable in my growth as a gameplay developer and programmer.

Desktop Screenshot 2023.06.25 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.06.25 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.06.25 -
CyberSpy 2088

February 2023

In February 2022, I embarked on an exciting journey with a project called "CyberSpy 2088". This project, which concluded in March 2022, provided me with the opportunity to take on the roles of Designer and Lead Programmer within a small team of three. The process was challenging yet rewarding, pushing me to expand my skills and knowledge in game development. Interestingly, the genesis of "CyberSpy 2088" was quite humble. It began as a Skillshare tutorial, a simple learning exercise. However, as we delved deeper into the project, it quickly evolved into something much more substantial - a full-fledged game. Throughout this transformative process, I extensively utilized Unity 3D and C#, further honing my skills in these critical areas. This project was not just about creating a game; it was about growth, learning, and the joy of seeing a simple tutorial evolve into a complex, engaging gaming experience.


February 2023

I was part of a team that participated in the Global Game Jam for 2023, where we developed a game called "LiF". As an Assistant Programmer and IT Support in a team of nine, I had the opportunity to enhance my collaboration skills, particularly in working with GitHub and managing tasks within a larger team. Our hard work and dedication paid off when our game was not only successfully submitted to the 2023 Global Game Jam, but also won the Best Audio award. This achievement was a testament to our team's collective effort and creativity. The development process, which involved using Game Maker Studio 2, provided me with valuable experience and insights into game development.

LiF Screenshot 3.png
Hyperbolic Horizons

January 2023 - Present

Since January 2023, I've been working on a solo project that I'm very passionate about, called "Hyperbolic Horizons". This project represents my first attempt to create a full game entirely from scratch, which has been both challenging and rewarding. One of the most exciting aspects of this project has been learning how to create a complex portal system and structures that simulate non-Euclidean geometry. These elements have added a unique dimension to the game and have significantly expanded my skill set. For the development of "Hyperbolic Horizons", I've been using Unity 3D and C#, tools that I've become highly proficient in over the course of my career.

Intern Frenzy

March 2022 - May 2022

Intern Frenzy, a thrilling game set in the fictitious office environment of "Zenibox," provides players with an immersive experience as a discontented intern. The game, constructed using Unity 3D and C#, was the outcome of our collective effort, and I had the pleasure of serving as the Lead Programmer in our three-person team. The development process involved integrating a variety of assets from both the Unity Asset Store and other online resources, then expanding on these frameworks to enrich our game. An asset that stood out, contributing significantly to the overall appeal of the game, was the AI-generated voices sourced from "" This feature significantly enhanced the game's interactivity and immersion. This project was instrumental in fostering my collaborative abilities and enriching my technical proficiency in Unity and C#. I honed my skills in creating and maintaining a rudimentary quest system and working with emerging AI technologies, which added layers of complexity and realism to the game.

Desktop Screenshot 2023.03.01 - 00.05.11_edited.jpg
Desktop Screenshot 2022.12.04 - 19.41.26_edited.jpg
Desktop Screenshot 2023.03.01 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.03.01 -
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